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Frostfire Circlet

Archmage Angela Dosantos at Light's Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands will make a Frostfire Circlet if you bring her the following: 1 Desecrated Circlet, 15 Wartorn Cloth Scraps, 3 Mooncloth and 3 Nexus Crystals.
Diadema Profanado
Restos de Tecido (15)
Lunatrama (3)
Cristal do Nexus (3)


As a Watcher, I was allowed access to many of Medivh's personal effects. Among those items, I found the tomes most enlightening. While the majority of the books were filled with - to put it bluntly - tripe, there were some gems. One of those tomes documented the creation of a set of armor fit for an archmage: Frostfire.

<Angela points to her head.>

It's all in here and I am willing to share the fruits of that knowledge with you as long as you are able to provide me with the necessary materials.


Você irá receber:
Diadema de Fogofrio


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