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Last Day for Horde Chopper, PvP Season Ending, WoD Build 18950, Lei Shen Key Removed in 6.0

Removed in 6.0

is unobtainable in 6.0. This currently provided players with a nice extra bit of weekly gold if they were speedy at completing the Isle of Thunder treasure run.

If you already have a key, you can use it after 6.0. However, players after 6.0 cannot acquire these keys. will be changed to a Legacy Feat of Strength and not required for the meta.

We've also added this information to our guide covering unobtainable content in 6.0!

Last Chance for the Horde Chopper

Today, September 30th, is the last day for you to log on a character for your ! Do keep in mind that only your Horde characters can use it and the Alliance version, , will be available at a later point.

Click on the image to view its animations in our 3D Modelviewer!


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